Computerized Hydraulic Metal Tensile Test Equipment

Computerized Hydraulic Metal Tensile Test Equipment

                                              Computerized CZPT Metal Tensile Take a look at Tools

CZPT Compression Tensile Testing Products is largely utilized to execute the rigidity, compression, bending, shearing and so on. take a look at for metal materials. Connected straightforward accessories and gadgets, it can be used to attain many varieties of mechanical performances.

The oil cylinder is at the bottom of the load body, rigidity area is at the upside of the load frame, compression and bending room is between lower crosshead and working desk. The lower crosshead is driven by motor by means of decelerator, chain transmission system and screw pair, so understand the adjustment of tests room.

CZPT Compression Tensile Tests Equipment adopts oil force transducer to evaluate load, use pc management & exhibit load.

Major specifications of CZPT Compression Tensile Screening Gear:

Design High definition-B616
Max. Test load 300KN
Load variety 6KN-300KN
Relative mistake of show worth of load ±1%
Max. Ram stroke 250mm
Max. Tensile area 800mm(like piston stroke)
Max. Compression place 700mm(including piston stroke)
Show Personal computer handle and screen
Tensile grips for spherical specimen φ6-φ26mm
Tensile grips for flat specimen -15mm
Length for two columns 500mm
Higher and reduce platen dimension 200x200mm
The span of bending 450mm
Width of bending roller 140mm
Dia. of bending roller 30mm
Clamping method CZPTally
Transducer load cell
Deformation measuring YYU-10/fifty
Proportions of load frame 990×600×2435mm
Dimension of controller 1140×700×930mm
All fat 2800kg

Principal standard components:

Upper and lower platen for compression(200x200mm) one established
Extensometer one set
Spherical specimen grip for tensile ( φ6-φ26mm  ) 1 established
Flat specimen grip for tensile ( -15mm ) 1 set
Bending accessories   1 set
Higher correct load cell one set
Higher precision photoelectric encoder Measuring the displacement one set
Large strain pump   1 established
Proportion Valve one established
Electro-hydraulic servo valve 1 set
Shearing add-ons ( Optional components) 1 established

If you encounter any issues in long term during testing process we promise we will give you a reply in forty eight several hours and solution give inside three doing work times. We can provide operation video and English procedure muanual. We can give movie-con.


Computerized Hydraulic Metal Tensile Test Equipment