Hangkai 3.6HP 4 Stroke Small Boat Engine Outboard Motor

Hangkai 3.6HP 4 Stroke Small Boat Engine Outboard Motor

HANGKAI 3.6hp 4 Stroke Little Boat Motor Outboard Motor


 * Features 360 diploma steering rotation for reverse CZPT equipment shifting
* CZPTt-In-Gear defense/clutch function prohibits prop rotation although idling
* Raise/Tilt attribute for shallow h2o operation and comfort
* Outstanding engine h2o cooling program for improved motor overall performance
* Effortless pull off engine include with drive button latch for quick motor access
* CZPT CDI ignition program for easy beginning and improved efficiency
* Vertical mount motor design and style for elevated energy, performance and sturdiness
* Superior carbonation method with primer bulb for enhanced effectiveness
* Twist grip throttle manage and engine end button for enhanced reaction
* Excellent outboard anti corrosion technique and anodes for increased sturdiness
* Tough solid aluminum building for exceptional corrosion protection
* By means of the prop exhaust outlet for lowered sound and pollutants
* Weighty duty lightweight aluminum solid propeller is common tools




Model: HANGKAI F3.six

one)Max. Output: 2.6kw /three.6HP

2)Full throttle operating range (rpm): 4000-5000

3)Stroke: four


five)Displacement (ml): 55CC

6)Bore×Stroke (mm): 44×33

seven)Transom height:42cm

eight)CZPTting system: Manual

9)Control system: manual tilt

10)Gear shift position: Clutch control

eleven)Gear ratio:two.08(27:13)

twelve)Propeller options: three-7¼ “x 5”

thirteen) CZPTmmended Fuel: # 93 Lead-free gasoline

14)CZPTmmended Gear Oil: Professional Gear Oil

fifteen)Lubrication System: Mixed fuel & oil (twenty five/fifty:1)



Hangkai 3.6HP 4 Stroke Small Boat Engine Outboard Motor