Mine Flameproof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Mine Flameproof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Belt conveyor Mine explosion proof permanent magnet Synchronous Motor

Merchandise introduction

PMSM has the benefits of basic composition, small dimension, high performance and substantial electricity issue.
The everlasting magnet synchronous motor adopts centralized winding, best pole slot coordination, and rotor composition integrating isolation, stress, positioning and lightweight, with modest rotational inertia, tiny leakage flux, big primary flux, larger energy factor and higher efficiency. The torque amplifier coupled with the permanent magnet motor (planetary reducer) has the attributes of increasing the output torque, matching the load inertia, and distinctive use of multi-tooth meshing. Underneath the control of frequency converter, when the long term magnet motor is interconnected with a number of devices, it is straightforward to realize electrical power harmony management because of to the comfortable mechanical characteristics.

CZPT parameters

Rated functioning voltage: AC 1140V

Rated output electricity: 800kW

Amount of motor poles: twenty

Rated functioning frequency of the motor 60Hz

Rated output velocity of the motor: 80r7min

Cooling approach: water cooling

Insulation quality of motor winding: class H

Motor electrical power issue: .93

Motor efficiency: ninety six.2%

Motor rated existing: 432A

Explosion-proof forms: Exd I Mb

Motor noise: w102dB

Motor vibration: w2.3mm/s

Total size: 2613x1180x1135

CZPT advantages and main functions

  1. Optimized h2o, magnetic and circuit design and style, so that the motor has excellent electrical functionality, low electromagnetic sound, tremendous successful vitality conserving
  2. 3d computer software style, supplemented by ANSYS evaluation application, finite element evaluation of electromagnetic discipline, structure area, temperature discipline, and many others., to make certain the substantial trustworthiness of the motor. Compact structure, small measurement, boost the utilization of efficient area underground
  3. With solid magnetic pole construction, it can be used to generate sintering machine in steel plant, fan driven by mine, scraper, belt conveyor and other large instant of inertia load
  4. At the rated voltage, the out-of-phase torque of the motor is not much less than two moments the rated torque
  5. The rotor is a silicon steel laminated and magnetic steel integral embedded construction, which can make sure the mechanical trustworthiness of the magnetic metal underneath the motion of centrifugal drive and magnetic pressure when the rotor rotates
  6. The stator adopts h-course insulation, the whole stator vacuum pressure immersion h-course solveless paint, with good electrical efficiency and dampness-proof performance, the stator adopts innovative processing technology, compact composition, low stator iron usage
  7. The rotor everlasting magnet adopts high- efficiency ndfeb magnetic steel, which has extremely-higher magnetic, anti-demagnetization ability and substantial temperature resistance, which can guarantee the electromagnetic reliability of the motor in extended-time period operation
  8. Maintenance free, enhance production effectiveness, minimize maintenance cost and reduce servicing time

Mine Flameproof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor