2.5m Sheet Metal Hydraulic Press Brake

2.5m Sheet Metal Hydraulic Press Brake

Electro hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake
Model: KCN-8025

4+one Axes CNC Handle(X,Y1,Y2,R,W)
X: Backgauge front and back      Y1,Y2, : Left and right oil cylinder stroke
R : Backgauge up and down       W: Worktable crowning

Principal features and functions
1.General welded and processed structure.
two.CZPT hydraulic proportional servo synchronization, making sure recurring accuracy.
three.Within one particular stroke, bending pressure can be managed at random point, repeatability precision±0.01, parallelism .02.
four. Reduce worktable has crowning system to anti deflection & upper instrument has wedge payment gadget.
five.Switzerland cybelec CNC handle program, grating ruler, CZPT hydraulics, servo motors and other add-ons of famous brand name are installed for perfect device efficiency. 
six.Ram stroke(Y1, Y2),backgauge (X, R) are controlled by CNC controller while ball screw and linear manual rail set up for large repeatability precision. 
seven.CZPTed ball screw and linear guide are employed for rear stopper, to make sure the positioning precision of rear stopper, for processing precision of equipment to be increased.

NO. Product Parameter Device
1 Nominal force 800 KN
2 Table length 2500 mm
3 Max.Slider stroke two hundred mm
4 Max.Shut height 460 mm
five Between columns 2100 mm
6 Throat depth thirty mm
seven Main motor electrical power 5.5 KW
8 Down Velocity 180 mm/s
nine Urgent Speed twelve mm/s
10 Return Pace a hundred and sixty mm/s
11 Control axes X+Y1+Y2+R +W /
twelve X axes Stroke 500 mm
13 X axes Velocity three hundred mm/s
14 R axes Stroke two hundred mm
15 R axes Velocity 50 mm/s
16 Backgauge Stoppers 4 /
    L 3000 mm
17 Overall dimension W 1650 mm
    H 2350 mm
18 Machine excess weight 5600 kg  

Thorough Photos

Large precision electrical table crowning.  
Higher-precision grating scale mounted

on C-board.

France Schneider parts,                       Pedal change with emergency end, safe     
anti-interference, steady and durable.         procedure, the foundation with rollers effortless to go.

CybTouch 8PS CNC controller

Easy Operating:
one.  Intuitive user-friendly interface.
2.  Simple pages, clear display, large keys.
three.  Large, vivid and high-contrast fully touchscreen.
four.  Complete programming for efficient mass-production with multiple bends.
five.  Easy single bends with EasyBend page.
6.  On-line help and interactive warning pop-ups.
7.  Comfortable wireless data backup and software updating using PC or Notebook.
eight.  Large variety of languages CZPT.
Better Bending:
one.  Various automatic calculations of bend functions.
2.  Bending sequences and programs can be memorized.
three.  Angle, pressure and crowning management.
4.  Easy manual movement.
5.  Offline 2D software CZPT.
one.  Controls 3 axes (with optional 4th axes).
two.  2D graphic profile creation with manual sequencing (alternative).
three.  Bend allowance calculation.
4.  Pressure – crowning calculation.
five.  Modular tools for each part or bend.
six.  Angle and back gauge correction.
7.  Telemaintenance via wireless connection with PC or notebook.
8.  USB port for memory stick for data transfer/backup.

Main configuration

Identify Producer
CNC controller CybTouch 8PS Cybelec  Switzerland  brand
Primary   motor Siemens         Germany  brand
CZPTal factors Schneider        France  brand
Equipment  pump Sunny           USA  brand
Seal  ring NOK            Japan  brand
CZPT technique Boschrexroth    Germany  brand
Ball screw ,CZPT guidebook HIWIN          ZheJiang  brand
Grating ruler GIVI            Italy  brand
Tubing connector EMB            Germany  Brand
Servo Motor and generate Delta            ZheJiang  brand

The regular equipment are in the under:

  1. Anchor bolt
  2. Hex nut
  3. Seal ring
  4. Gasket
  5. Grease gun
  6. Allen wrench
  7. Foot change
  8. Entrance assist arms
  9. CZPTal box important, management panel essential
  10. Procedure manuals

2.5m Sheet Metal Hydraulic Press Brake