3 Phase AC Vibrating Motor for Vibrating Screen or Feeder

3 Phase AC Vibrating Motor for Vibrating Screen or Feeder

three section AC Vibrating Motor for Vibrating Display or Feeder


one. YZUL asynchronous sequence vibrating motor is a special motor for rotary vibrating display screen. 
two. It adopts innovative Single Flange Composition, which helps make the vertical motor’s outer elements far more tight. 
three. The one flange structure also simplify the integral construction, lessen the all round measurement, and decrease the excess weight. The motor’s expense is also lowered. 
4. About the electrical power, the one flange structure also lessen the power intake and enhance the vibrating electrical power, which makes vibrating monitor offer with the particle much better. 
five. At the exact same time, we also commit ourselves to advertising YZUL’s look, insulation course, security course. So that it can be appropriate for a variety of work surroundings. 
six. The design and style of electromagnetic spec is appropriate for vertical motor’s working attributes. Be swift beginning and secure functioning


YZUL asynchronous series vibrating motor
Workable temperature  -20~ -40°C   
Working Height below 1000m
Voltage 220/240/380/415/450V are all CZPT
frequency 50HZ or 60HZ
Protective grade IP55 or IP65
period 3
Way of connection
Insulating grade B or F
Way of working Steady
Kind AC

Specifications Sheets

Size L1 L2 B one two three n d L3 R Power
YZUL-1-four 231 one hundred seventy sixteen 190 138 165 four 12 104 70 .12 12
YZUL-3-4 209 one hundred forty four twenty 230 one hundred fifty five 200 4 12 seventy four 90 .18 23
YZUL-5-four 326 212 22 245 a hundred sixty five 210 6 12 85 one hundred thirty five .25 28
YZUL-eight-four 340 233 24 270 a hundred ninety 235 6 14 103 one hundred forty .fifty five 39
YZUL-10-four 436 290 34 310 220 265 eight 18 144 185 .75 65
YZUL-fifteen-four 452 299 34 310 220 265 eight 18 one hundred forty four 185 one.one 71`
YZUL-thirty-4 488 328 27 370 265 315 8 22 153 two hundred one.5 85
YZUL-50-4 552 374 35 450 330 390 eight 26 150 230 two.2 a hundred and sixty


Vibrating polisher, vibrating crusher, rotary vibration cleaning machine, vibrating dryer, vibration mixer, rotary vibrating display screen, and so forth. 


You should kindly supply the adhering to data for a suitable vibrating motor device:
1. Your utilization? 
2. The power (KW)? 
three. The rated velocity(rpm)? 
4. The voltage? (220/240/380/415/450V are all CZPT)
5. Other unique needs? 

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3 Phase AC Vibrating Motor for Vibrating Screen or Feeder