Automatic Swing Gate Indoor Office Security High Speed Turnstile for Access Control

Automatic Swing Gate Indoor Office Security High Speed Turnstile for Access Control

Substantial-stop swing barrier gate: it is largely employed for the administration of passageway entrance and exit. It has the traits of quickly opening, safety and convenience, and many others. It is the best administration and dredge gear for pedestrians’ high-frequency accessibility and exit. It is commonly utilized in airports, subway stations, stations, wharves, scenic spots, parks, buying malls, business office buildings, pedestrian passages and other areas.

I. regular configuration parameters:

1. Components: LED lamp board + acrylic swing arm + brushless anti-collision  drive + 304# stainless steel box

two. Channel width: common channel 600mm, 600-900mm (customizable)

three. Internet excess weight: 66±3 Kg

4. Box thickness: one.5mm

5. Visitors velocity: 35-forty folks/min

6. Interaction interface: RS232

seven. Opening speed: .six-one /S

eight. Running temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C

nine. Push motor: dc brushless 24V

10. Encoder limit, clutch collision avoidance

eleven. No noise

twelve. doing work daily life: 9 million times

13 Energy: forty-70 ±10%w

fourteen.Working atmosphere: indoor and outside (out of doors canopy)

Ii. Product advantages

1. No sounds.

two. A long time of expertise in drive research and development

3. The frame basically adopts the anti-reducing purse edge design and style

4. CZPTed digital components are picked for the infrared sensor

5. The motion travel adopts high temperature quenching to take care of the gear push, with large toughness and not simple to dress in

6. Special drawing pattern of the frame

seven. The middle acrylic partition can be CZPT with gentle impact sample

Ii. Capabilities:

(1) automatic homing purpose: soon after the passage procedure is finished, the brake pendulum will automatically return to the first arresting place.

(two) energy off opening function: when energy off, the program will automatically unlock the brake pendulum, which can be pushed and swung into an open point out manually (there is no battery put in internally, so manual operation is required right after electrical power off), which is handy for group evacuation and meets the hearth security demands.

(3) anti-trespass operate: when swiping card is invalid, card is not swiped or passage is prohibited, forcibly pushing pendulum will be regarded as trespass, and the technique will routinely alarm and lock the brake pendulum.

(four) anti-reverse intrusion perform: just before the end of the passage in a specific direction, pedestrians coming into the passage from the reverse course will be regarded as a reverse intrusion, and the technique will immediately alarm.

(five) anti-reverse passage operate: in the program of passage, when the brake pendulum has swung at a specified Angle, the powerful reverse pull of the brake pendulum will be regarded as reversing passage, and the method will instantly alarm, lock the brake pendulum and cease the motion.

(six) anti-trailing pass purpose: photoelectric change detects the visitors issue of pedestrians. After detecting the phenomenon of trailing (the person guiding sticks to the particular person in entrance, intending to move CZPT swiping the card), the technique will automatically alarm, lock the brake and quit the motion.

(seven) clever linkage alarm: including illegal break-in and reverse passage alarm, which can be joined with other alarm monitoring products in the type of seem and mild. If a flash alarm is needed, a light-weight alarm ought to be added to the casing.

(8) anti-clip and anti-collision functions:

A. Infrared clamping: install multiple pairs of photoelectric switches in the region in close proximity to the swing of the brake (clamping spot). Once somebody or item is detected in the swing of the brake, the swing will cease instantly. The pendulum does not keep on to transfer till the particular person or object has left the clamping area.

(9) anti-collision purpose: when the brake is placed in the locked point out, it can endure the impact force within the safe range. When it exceeds the risk-free range, the brake pendulum can be pushed slowly to shield the movement and pedestrians, and then reset instantly.

Iv. CZPTizable extension features:

one. Counting and alarm features
two. Swing arm shade
three. Remote handle swap

4. Dynamic face recognition

5. Static confront recognition

6. Crisis escape purpose can be added to open the brake by distant button in situation of emergency

seven. Fingerprint identification by attendance device

8. Qr code access



Automatic Swing Gate Indoor Office Security High Speed Turnstile for Access Control