Desktop Magnetic Pick & Place Feeding Robotic Screw Fastening Machine with Touch Panel Elertic Tool

Desktop Magnetic Pick & Place Feeding Robotic Screw Fastening Machine with Touch Panel  Elertic Tool

Desktop Magnetic Choose & Area Variety Single CZPT Twin Station Screwdriver Robotic (Microcontroller Primarily based) 

Robotic screw driving machine is designed for screw fastening with higher precision instantly.


Model SM-6331
Dimension 800mmX630mmX780mm
1030mmX630mmX780mm (with Contact Panel)
Max. solution size 200*280mm
Driving mode Shut-loop motor + Synchronous belt
Manage manner Microcontroller + Touch Panel
Shifting selection X Axis X=580mm
Y1/Y2 Axis Y1=280mm, Y2=280mm
Z-Axis Z=100mm
Max. pace X, Y1/Y2 Axis 600mm/sec
Z Axis 400mm/sec
Repeated accuracy   X, Y1/Y2 Axis ±0.02mm
Z Axis ±0.02mm
Memory a thousand Files
Screwdriver SD/KILEWS/HIOS
Screw feeding Magnetic Select & Place 
Programming Traction instructing programming
Max load 15KG
Alarm method Stripped alarm
Net excess weight 78KG
Enter voltage 220V AC/50Hz(110V AC/60Hz)
Air strain .four~.8Mpa
Perform environment ~40ºC, Humidity twenty%~ninety five%

1. Traction training programming.
2. Deep-gap screw fastening.
three. Prosperous experience on screw fastening software.

1. Computerized screw feeding.
2. Dual rail to optimize effectiveness.
three. Deep-gap screw fastening.
four. Smart screwdriver to report torque for each and every screw (optional).

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1.  Why is Robotic Screw driving machine?
  — To give far better in term of good quality this sort of as exact same read out trace torque for each position of generation.
  — Higher efficiency by reducing manpower at minimum one to a few individual.

2  What are the feeding types for the Robotic Screw Driving System?
  — We employing the vibrator to sort the screw relying on screw variety and dimension.
  — Firstly we utilizing the choose and location of the screw presenter.
  — Another way is we making use of air blowing to feed immediately to the screwdriver.

three. How to utilize the screw to the item?
  — Mainly, we have two methods to screw the item which is magnetic for ferrous screw and vacuum for all content including ferrous, copper, stainless metal screw.

four. What type of screws are suit for the air blowing type machine?
  — Screw types M1.4~ M4 are fit for air blowing feeding of screw driving equipment.
  — Screw size need to considerably less than 16mm. If more than, the feeder requirements to be CZPT.  
  — The screw’s duration must be above 1.2 instances of diameter for air blowing feeding variety to stop the screw from turn more than within the feeder’s tube.

5. What variety of screws are in shape for the screw presenter type machine?
  — Screw types M0.8 ~ M4 are in shape for Magnetic, vacuum feeding of screw driving equipment.
  — Machine screws, self-tapping screws, and so on.

6. When does the machine have a number of electric screwdrivers?
  — For large performance, we offer dual screwdriver for at the same time fastening for the item in array place.

seven. What does an electric screwdriver the machine use?
  — Currently, we are utilizing the electric screwdriver from Kilews, Sudong, DEPRAG, DESOUTTER, MOUNTZTORQUE, HIOS, and Atlas.

8. What is the selection of the tapped hole’s depth on the goods?
  — The variety is about 20mm, dependent on client product and have to be magnetic screw kind.

9. What is the common problem in the course of the fastening procedure?
  — There are 5 typical issues could occur throughout the approach this sort of as misalignment entry, broken screw, destroyed thread, missing element and floating screw.

ten. What are the variations between SC-2 and GW-4 ?
  — GW employing gravity to transfer the screw to the nozzle and thrust to release the screw. The screwdriver nozzle contacted with the solution surface and it is most likely to a bit hurt the area.
  — SC-2 utilizing air blowing to transfer the screw to the nozzle and press button to launch the screw.

11. How is twin rail operating?
  — Our machine has a dual rails system to enable loading on the second rail concurrently although the initial rail is on the fastening process.

12. What is the goal of a single rail technique?
  — One rail system occupy small workspace or larger solution.

13. Does the device appear with a warranty?
  — The equipment arrives with one yr warranty excluding consumable areas.

fourteen. How about after-sale services?
  — We give distant online video and 24hours phone or you might visit our company. On-web site support will be charged appropriately.

15. What is the dimension of the functioning foundation?
  — Working base dimension as said for every equipment. Fixture dimension should be in consideration. However, the size of products can be CZPT in accordance to consumers.

16. Does the enclosure consist of?
  — You may possibly decide on a design with or CZPT an enclosure.

17. What are the protection attributes of the machine?
  — The emergency button is accessible for all machines. The protection doorway is optional.

18. Is the screw driving method suitable with other robots?
  — Our screw driving method is suitable with the SCARA robot, 6 axles robotic.

19. Can I be your distributor?
  — Yes, we are open up to any company that would like to grow to be our distributor except in particular areas we presently have our very own agent.

20. Do you supply a fixture for the device?
  — Yes, we also can design and style the fixtures based on client items. For instance, a rolling fixture for several surfaces fastening.  

21. What is the shipping and delivery time period?
  — Lead time is twenty organization days.

Desktop Magnetic Pick & Place Feeding Robotic Screw Fastening Machine with Touch Panel  Elertic Tool