High Efficient Electrical Variable Speed Ec Motor

High Efficient Electrical Variable Speed Ec Motor

Solution Transient
E-MAX motor is the specific created long term magnet synchronous motor based mostly on the IEC norm&time period E-MAX PMSM will be utilised for next generation which want a lot more strength conserving merchandise&period of time Exceed IE4 variable velocity AC motor &lparIEC60034-30-two-2016&rpar&interval

E-MAX motor is the first technology of DBS EC motor&time period E-MAX has led to create the next generation of technology in motor performance and performance&interval
E-MAX motor have two collection&colon
E-Max commercial
IEC Frame 71 to 90 long lasting magnet synchronous motor integrated travel
IEC Frame seventy one to 132 everlasting magnet synchronous motor

E-Max Commercial series &lparECI collection&rpar

Model Body Rated Output Output Greatest
dimension torque &commat1500rpm &commat3000rpm pace
  &lparNm&rpar&ast&ast &lparkW&rpar &lparkW&rpar &lparrpm&rpar
T71ECI01X36 seventy one 1&period2 &period2 &period41 3600
T71ECI02X36 2&period4 &period41 &period82 3000
T71ECI03X18 three&period2 &period55 1800
T90ECI03X36 90 3&period2 &period55 one&period1 3600
T90ECI05X30 four&period8 &period75 one&period5 3000
T90ECI07X18 seven 1&period1 1800

&ast&ast The rated torque is primarily based on the motor cooling strategy&period of time The detail torque remember to see data sheet&period of time
E-Max Industrial Motor Drive Purpose
CW&solCCW chooseCZPTt-stop terminal0-10VDC speed controlRS485 ModbusSpeed hand management by adjustable resistanceSpeed suggestions
E-Max CZPT collection &lparEC sequence&rpar

Product Body Rated Output Output Maximum
dimension torque &commat15000rpm &commat3000rpm velocity
  &lparNm&rpar&ast&ast &lparkW&rpar &lparkW&rpar &lparrpm&rpar
T71EC01X36 seventy one 1&period2 &period2 &period41 3600
T71EC02X36 2&period4 &period41 &period82 3600
T71EC03X36 three&period2 &period55 1&period1 3000
T90EC03X36 90 three&period2 &period55 one&period1 3600
T90EC05X36 4&period8 &period75 one&period5 3600
T90EC07X36 seven 1&period1 2&period2 3600
T100EC10X36 one hundred 9&period5 1&period5 3 3600
T100EC14X36 14 two&period2 four 3600
T100EC19X30 19&period1 three 5&period5 3000
T132EC26X30 132 25&period5 4 seven&period5 3000
T132EC35X30 35 five&period5 11 3000
T132EC48X30 47&period7 seven&period5 fifteen 3000
T132EC59X30 58&period9 9&period2 eighteen&period5 3000
T132EC70X30 70 eleven 22 3000

&ast&ast The rated torque is based mostly on the motor cooling method&period The detail torque make sure you see knowledge sheet&interval

Effectiveness course
E-MAX motor has ultra-higher effectiveness the two at total load and light-weight load&period The flat effectiveness curve can preserve far more energy when the motor generate the admirer or pump in HVAC discipline&interval
Examine to IE4 motor efficiency class E-MAX

E-Max Commercial series

&ast&ast Method efficiency include the motor and drive effectiveness&interval

E-Max CZPT collection

&ast&ast Effectiveness is only motor effectiveness&period of time

Product amount nomenclature
T  90  EC  03  V  36  C2  B14  P  T1
1   2   3    4  5   6   7    8    9  ten

Position Character Description
1 “T” Solution platform
two “ninety” Frame dimensions&colon IEC ninety&num
three “EC” EC&colon long lasting magnet motor
ECI&colon long lasting magnet motor with built-in drvie
four “03” Rated torque
five “V” Cooling approach&colon
G &equals CZPT purposes&comma with admirer and admirer hood&period of time IC411
V &equals Ventilation programs&comma CZPT supporter and fan hood&time period
6 “36” Greatest velocity&colon 3600 rpm
seven C2 Electricity line relationship strategy&colon
T1 &equals Terminal box on top
T2 &equals Terminal box on NDE
C1 &equals No terminal box&comma electrical power line from housing
C2 &equals No terminal box&comma electricity line from NDE
eight B14 Mounting method&colon
B3&comma B14&comma B5&comma B34&comma B35
nine P P &equals Slid rail
ten T1 Voltage code&colon
T1&colon three phase 360-440 V
T2&colon three phase 200-240 V
S1&colon 1 stage two hundred-240 V
S2&colon one stage one hundred fifteen V

VFD thing to consider
PMSM should push by the VSD&period The motor cannot connect to the typical AC power straight&period of time The VSD can be the business push with vector handle or PM motor control manner&time period VSD want to be established up the proper motor parameter &lparsee under table&rpar&period The depth parameters can be find in the model data sheet&time period

Energy choose consideration
       The electricity and torque in above model list is the rated electrical power or torque when the motor has not any cooling strategy &lparIC410&rpar&interval If the motor cooled by the wheel or the load the motor energy can be bigger&interval The detail running range you should see detail product info sheet&interval Under chart is a sample to choose the power at diverse cooling issue&period of time


High Efficient Electrical Variable Speed Ec Motor