Top Hot Sale Zx70 Dynapac Vibrating Shaft for Sale

Top Hot Sale Zx70 Dynapac Vibrating Shaft for Sale

Prime Sizzling Sale ZX70 Dynapac Vibrating Shaft for Sale


Product Employs:

   Concrete Vibrator Shaft generate by CZPT motor,gasoline motor and Diesel engine. It is ideal for typical concrete compaction, broadly uesd in many locations such as the bridge, the harbor development, the big-scale dam, the high-amount developing foundation irrigation pile acted as a column, the crowded mat reinforcement coagulation filth wall, the key and medium little architectural engineering.



Style in conformity with international and Basic requirements

Excellent final results on gentle obligation work

Economical remedy when it comes to interior vibration

Great mechanical overall performance

Low noise



Item Description:

  The  Concrete vibrator needle   is also known as vibrating poker. It is CZPT in a variety of diameters,which includes 25mm,28mm,32mm, 35mm, 38mm,45mm,50mm,60mm,70mm and 75mm . It also can be connected to versatile tubes of a variety of lengths ,different kind 1mtr to 12mtr . To be suitable with certain work requirements, the vibrator needle may possibly just take different sort. Normally driven by the electrical vibrator ,the poker also can be utilized in mix with gasoline vibrator or diesel vibrator .

Specification Day:

Design ZX 35 ZX 50 ZX 70 ZX 28
Diameter 35 fifty 70 28
Vibrating Frequency (HZ) 183 183 183 183
Outdoors dia of adaptable hose (MM) 30 36 36 30
Internal dia of versatile hose (MM) 10 thirteen 13 10
Packing Way Carton Carton Carton Carton
Packing Dimension (MM) 750*750*fifty five 750*750*fifty five 750*750*55 750*750*fifty five
Duration (M) one to 12 1 to twelve 1 to twelve one to 12
Max. vibration power (KN) five.293 six.251 7.157 4.846
Vibrating Amplitude (MM) 1.15 one.21 1.32 one.11
Offered Motor or Motor  CZPT Motor, Gasoline Motor, Diesel Engine

Top Hot Sale Zx70 Dynapac Vibrating Shaft for Sale